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                            Japan is Hosting The Tokyo 2020 / 2021 Summer Olympics so to be here will be sensational. Japan is Unsurpassed in culture, beauty, excitement & amazing people. Ultra modern & functional melds nicely with the traditional.


                           Travelers now find Japan very Accessible & Affordable. Excellent accommodations, transportation & delicious healthy foods await you. Many signs are printed in English, there's vast free wifi networks & Japan is very safe.  No visa required for many countries. 

                           A USA passport allows entry for 90 days.


                           The Japanese are a truly wonderful people. Smart, polite, ready to laugh & make new friends In this most advanced yet classic country. Tokyo 2020 has especially extended the red carpet.

                           There's so much to do & see in Japan. Robots, Art, Museums, Anime, Onsens, Gardens, Electronics. The list is awing. Be sure to avail yourself of the extensive trend setting Pop culture & Joyous night life.


                            Japanese Shrines & Temples provide Inspiration &

historical insight. The people Identify with Buddhism and Shinto while many

are followers of both religions.  Japan enjoys full religious freedom.

                           Travel Japan via the JR train system. The JR trains are A trip to

the future. Think Shinkansen, Bullet train. So cool & highly efficient. Unlimited, flexible ride tickets are discounted for foreigners. 


                           Lodge at Japanese Inns or Ryokans. Always clean & comfortable in this quality demanding country. Onsens, hot bath spas, are edens.


                           Eat at the many Authentic & Inexpensive restaurants. Favorites are: Izakayas, merry go round sushi, bento boxes & the ever prominent Noodle shops. If you must, McDonald's is also everywhere.


                            Japanese food is delicious, attractively presented & very healthy. Attested to by Japan's world's longest life expectancy. 

                           Tokyo 2020 / 2021 Summer Olympics preparations have business 

booming. In addition to the usual Jobs in Japan for English Teaching & Talent work there are now Japan jobs in many other industries as well.


                            Japan has done stupendously well hosting 3 previous Olympic Games. Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics & the Winter Games of Sapporo 1972

& Nagano 1998. All signs point towards the upcoming Tokyo 2020 / 2021

Summer Olympics being equally outstanding. 


                           Sumo, the traditional sport, along with Soccer & Baseball are the most popular sports.

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Tokyo 2020 / 2021  Summer Olympics

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