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Working in Japan

Jobs in Japan Teaching English require great interpersonal skills  more so than

Teaching abilities.  Japanese want to practice Real English conversation with

 foreigners & learn Real speak. They've done enough rote learning & testing.

The best way of Teaching English in Japan is pseudo

socially with 1 or 2 students discussing relevant topics & current events.

There are many English Teaching schools in Japan large & small with a constant

need of English Teachers. Commit to one for your Visa, Housing, etc... Develop your personal Japan English Teaching business of private students on the side.  

Approximately Yen 3,000 - 5,000 an hour & often your new lifetime friends.


Scroll up for a list & link to the  Japan English Teaching Schools offering Jobs in

Japan Teaching English.  Also the best sites for meeting private students.

Talent jobs in Japan are available for all types of foreigners.

They include: Acting, Modeling, Voice Narration, Live Promotions

& a tremendously active Music and Dance Industry.

Acting jobs in Japan. TV, Films & CMs cast us in a wide variety of roles.

Sports agent, Godzilla fighter, Fun comedies, Historical & Biographical roles.

Commercials like foreigners for giving products that International feel.


Print modeling jobs in Japan are great. Fortunately Japan has a high fashion

& low fashion modeling industry. Which means unattractive,

character or real people types can do extremely well working in Japan.


Japan jobs in Narration are the true gravy train. High paying & easy.

Everything needs foreign language versions. 


Live Promotion jobs in Japan for business exhibits & events are a constant source

of work in Japan.  We particularly enjoy working the convention & trade shows. 


Visas are necessary to work in Japan.

Many passports gets a 90 day Tourist visa upon arrival in Japan.

So get your Hustle on & Hit the Ground Running.

* The most common Work Visa is  the Company sponsored 1 year English Teacher.

* Japan Talent & Modeling Agencies have 90 day entertainment visas

yearly when they really like you.

* Working Holiday visas are loved by Australians, Canadians, Brits, Kiwis, etc.....

* Student/Work visas are great. Study Something & work allowed # of hours.

* Dependent Visa holders can get a Permission to Freelance stamp which

offers more flexibility than the primary visa holder. Simply list yourself as a

 Freelance Coffee shop English teacher. Then work in anything.   Form -------->

Working in various  industries with one visa is legal with a little paper work.

In spite of what you may believe, Immigration offices in Japan are your friends &

will assist you. In English!  Go directly to the Information/help section.

This is the Magic form that opens many doors. They will fill it out with you.


To secure jobs in Japan it's best to visit in person.  Plan a 4 to 6 week Recon trip. While appointments are preferable, know that Japanese culture allows for drop ins

in solicitation of business. So dress to impress & Go door to door very politely introducing yourself & objectives while dropping off your quality materials.

Resume, Nice photos, Narration demo, A Video link is Great. 

Know that In Japan, your person speaks volumes more than certifications.

It's really all about who walks in that door. So Shine.

Travelers find Japan very Accessible, Safe & even Affordable. You'll find excellent accommodations, transportation & delicious healthy foods.

Free wi-fi your electronics for communications. is a great web site for budget planning.

View our "Best Budget Tokyo Accommodations"  video for Cheap housing. 

The Japanese are a truly wonderful people. Friendly, smart, polite

& ready to laugh in this safe & modern yet traditional country.

Testimonials, Working Jobs in Japan 

Rachel From Canada:

                Japan is truly terrific & there is lots of work, but don't come here unless you're truly interested in the people & culture. Many foreigners come here to make big money fast then take off to live on a beach in Thailand. They miss out on the best of Japan.  I just fell in love with the wonderful people & my Lifestyle. My students, mostly University & business types, are my best friends & party buddies.

Peter from California:

             The way to work in Japan is to get a visa with one school & free lance like crazy on the side.  On the side I teach English at a corporation one evening a week followed by eating & drinking. I make crazy Yen there & have a terrific time. I also hooked up with a major Narration company for English announcements voice work. I make more from my freelancing then Visa job. Also Japanese women are  Incredible.

Brenda From Australia:

              You have to be willing to work hard, learn the language & moderate some behavior to succeed here.  Japanese are very polite & dedicated to their tasks. Rude or lazy foreigners are not tolerated. You also need to adopt sufficiently to their culture so as not to appear like a bull in a china shop. They like that we're different but expect certain civic mindedness. The Food, Advanced trains, Onsens, Technology etc... are well beyond anything back home. 

Tanner From USA:

              I work in Japan as a Model, Actor, Narrator, Event Promo Presenter. You name it. I found more opportunities & less competition here then back home. There is definitely competition, just less. I also seem to find lots of misc jobs here to keep me in money. My main reason for staying is the excitement,  work & Japanese people. All Talents should give it a Go. Why not, at least you see something new.

Best Job Sites

Links to Talent Agencies,  English Teaching  Schools,  Best Job Sites

Japan Jobs Teaching English, Acting, Modeling, Narration ......

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