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Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Excellent Video of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Tokyo prepares for 33 Sports in 40 venues. Tokyo 2020 will be the most High Tech, advanced Olympics ever with Robotics used extensively. View the Arenas, Tokyo & Meet the people of Japan as they opine on Tokyo 2020.


Tokyo 2020 is Japan's 4th Hosting of Olympic games & Tokyo's second Summer Olympics. 


Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is also striving for the Green medal by being the most environmentally conscience Olympics. Not just Stadium designs & building materials but going as far as to make the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals from recycled Phones.


Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics arenas are a combination of Existing, New, & Vintage stadiums from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. This plan intends to reduce wastefulness. Post Tokyo 2020 all facilities will be used.


The new Tokyo 2020 National Stadium is a Spectacular, Functional & Harmonious design. This New National Olympic Stadium will seat 68,000 & showcase a true balance of the Ultra Modern with Japanese traditional.

Post Tokyo 2020 it'll be a home to sports teams & events.

In true Japanese fashion we expect it on time & fabulous. Completion date is forecast to be November 2019 or sooner.


Five new sports for Tokyo 2020 are: Surfing, Skateboarding, Baseball/Softball, Karate, Sports climbing



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Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics