Winner, Best Budget Accommodations in Tokyo

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Very Real Japanese food

I Love going local.

Breakfast at the many authentic chain restaurants like Yoshinoya or Tsukiya may include:  Fish, rice, sea weed, miso soup, boiled beef, pickled veggies & green tea.

$ (Very cheap).


My favorite sushi dining is at the Merry Go Round sushi places.

In Japanese they're called "Genroku" sushi.

You pull dishes off the passing conveyer belt & enjoy. Beautiful amenities are layed out for you. 

It makes ordering so easy & the food is delish.

When done they count your plates . Prices are lower then most sushieateries.

$$ (cheap)


After a late night of rolling through Tokyo it's time for a Stand & Slurp noodle shop. 

You can opt for: Hot or cold, Noodle type (oodon, ramen, buckwheat etc..) & add ons such as: shrimp tempura, seaweed, veggies etc..

A magnificently tasty, carbo loaded belly filler.

$ (Very cheap).

 Enjoy this Excellent Tokyo Video:



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