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Tokyo Hotels, Bdgt to Lux Video

Enjoy this Tokyo Hotels Video:

-1- "Sakura House" Is best for the cheapest basic accommodations in the way of Youth Hostels & shared dormatories. They also offer basic hotel rooms, Guest houses & Furnished apartments. Locations throughout Tokyo & highly experienced with foreign travelers. If your back packing on a budget, This is your Go to. Web site:

-2- "Kimi Ryokan" Is our personnel favorite. Enjoy the Authentic, Japanese Ryokan experience in Tokyo for a surprisingly affordable price . Beautiful Tatami mat rooms with futons. Shared; Japanese style hot tub, guest lounge, roof terrace, laundry facilities, small kitchen, computer room, free wifi.

The kind of place where you hang around in your guest Yukata, sipping green tea while making life long friends in the lounge. Very experienced with foreign travelers. Ikebukuro Tokyo offers plenty to do and is easy access to transportation. Good for mid to short term stays.

-3- The "Tokyu Hotels" chain in Shibuya, Tokyo offers terrific Hotels in the mid price range. Clean, Functional & excellent locations. They now have a wider price range and 3 different styles of Hotels. We stayed in their business class rooms. Which is equivalent to standard coach fair on a plane.

-4- The "Park Hotel Tokyo" in Shimbashi is an upscale Japanese hotel with the distinction of being renown for its Art displays & Art rooms. A tall building with great views, walking distance to Ginza for business, fun & shopping. Luxury amenities and best of all many rooms have been individually painted by famed Japanese artist. The art is throughout the Hotel and they host yearly art shows.

-5- "Keio Plaza Hotel" in Shinjuku, Tokyo is excellent for the upscale traveler wanting it all. 22 delicious authentic restaurants and bars. Swimming pool, luxury rooms, meeting facilities, club lounge. expansive & accessible.

Shinjuku is a rocking part of Tokyo with extensive pleasures & fun for all.

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