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Japan is preparing for Tokyo 2020 so to Go now is sensational. A country unsurpassed in culture, beauty, excitement & amazing people. Ultra modern & functional melds nicely with the traditional.


                           Travelers now find Japan very Accessible & Affordable. Excellent accommodations, transportation & delicious healthy foods await you. Many signs are printed in English, there's vast free WiFi networks & Japan is very safe.  No visa required for many countries.  A USA passport allows entry for 90 days.


                           The Japanese are a truly wonderful people. Smart, polite, ready to laugh & make new friends In this most advanced yet classic country. Tokyo 2020 has especially extended the red carpet.


                            Travel Japan via the JR train system. The JR trains are A trip to

the future. Think Shinkansen, Bullet train. So cool & highly efficient. Unlimited, flexible ride tickets are discounted for foreigners. 


                           Lodge at Japanese Inns or Ryokans. Always clean & comfortable in this quality demanding country. Onsens, hot bath spas, are Edens.


                           Eat at the many Authentic & Inexpensive restaurants. Favorites are: Izakayas, merry go round sushi, bento boxes & the ever prominent Noodle shops. If you must, McDonald's is also everywhere.


                            Japanese food is delicious, attractively presented & very healthy. Attested to by Japan's world's longest life expectancy. 


                           There's so much to do & see in Japan. Robots, art, museums, Anime, onsens, gardens, electronics. The list is endless. Be sure to avail yourself of the extensive trend setting Pop culture & Joyous night life.


                            Japanese Shrines & Temples provide Inspiration &

historical insight. The people Identify with Buddhism and Shinto while many

are followers of both religions.  Japan enjoys full religious freedom.


                            Japan has done stupendously well hosting 3 previous Olympic Games. Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics & the Winter Games of Sapporo 1972 & Nagano 1998. All signs point towards the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic being equally outstanding. 



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Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics