Design Festa Gallery, Art Village

A must visit in Tokyo is The Harajuku Art Village, "Design Festa Gallery". Abounding in creative passions. A haven for Artistry filled with beautiful murals and hosted by the Artists eager to share their Unique displays of self expression and make new friends.

Free to enter and wonder around.

Artist rent individual rooms (21 in total) to display their creations.

In the middle of this Art colony are a very cool, inexpensive tree house coffee shop with food, drinks etc.. and the cook you own Japanese Okonomiyaki Restaurant, Sakura Tei.

Best of all, the Artist are usually around to chat and interact.

Visit their web site for details:

The Design Festa Gallery, Is Located in the popular Harajuku area of Tokyo, Japan. A short walk from Harajuku or Omotesando stations.

For a nice escape & relief from the hectic Harajuku street scene step into the Design Festa Gallery. Meet the Artist and kick back with a drink or fabulous meal. Prices are Inexpensive, Art is affordable & there is free WiFi.

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