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Video Japan Free Volunteer Tour Guides. Enjoy this terrific program in Japan. Absolutely free, Many Japanese want to practice their English, have International friends & make a positive contribution with their time. Thus the fabulous Japan free Volunteer tour guides program was launched.

Watch our Video. Meet some of Japan's free Volunteer tour Guides & see the program in action.

Tokyo volunteer tour Guides aren't just for Sightseeing day trips to temples. You'll also find Tokyo free guides happy to show you around the Japanese nightlife & Karaoke scene. Japanese are a very open, sociably people ready to laugh & have fun. especially if there is drinking involved.

There are various free Volunteer guides and programs throughout Japan. We're highlighting here 4 popular ones that we have personal experience with as Tokyo free Volunteer tour guides:

Very big and established. They even have day tours and 2 or 3 hour walking tours arranged on a regular schedule.

Tokyo student Guide Group (Facebook Page)

They use a facebook page. Students for students. Very popular with people in their 20's. Absolutely make friends for life type of guides. They are very likely to be traveling through your country someday soon also.

Kimi is our favorite Tokyo free volunteer tour guide program. It's an English teaching school for Japanese people. The volunteer tour guides are the Japanese students wanting to practice their English. Truly great people. All types & Ages. Great for night time fun in Tokyo. Nice to have a real local friend to show you around, Karaoke with & roll like a local.

Japan Tourism

All types and ages. Very nice, cool people.

Also a big program. Might be a pseudo official program organized by the Japan Tourism board. Excellent in that they have Guides in many areas throughout Japan. Thus as you travel to Osaka or Kyoto they'll have guides ready to spend time with you.

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