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Japan Penis Festival Video

Japan's Penis Festival, Kanamara Matsuri Video. Parade, Sculptures, Edibles, Cosplayers all themed on the phallus . The penis is Beseeched & Venerated to bring forth Fertility, Harmony in marriage & Sexual health at this spectacular annual Kanayama Shinto Shrine's ritual celebration.

Japan's Kanamara Matsuri Penis Festival is not just rambunctiousness, fun & laughs. This uniquely Japanese cultural event is also a Sacred, Authentic Religious Ceremony that's been conducted by Shinto priests for hundreds of years.

Prayer for sexual healing are also a big part of the Shrines story with workers in the industry being frequent worshipers. The shrine is located in Kawasaki, a station on the historic Tokaido road which connected Kyoto to the new capitol of Edo (Tokyo). Thus the area had many Inns, Tea houses & Brothels.

Here's the Kanamara Matsuri Penis Festivals History. Yes it's slightly confusing.

The Shrine is dedicated & honors 2 Gods/Deities who are enshrined here. What we might call Patron Saints. Gods to Blacksmiths & Miners. A Male & a Female. They're called Kanayamahiko & Kanayamahime. They healed the Shinto goddess Izanami after she birthed a Fire God here. Thus this Shrine is related to the Penis, Fire, Child birth, Blacksmiths & Miners.

Well as the story goes a Jealous Sharp Toothed Demon fell in love with a wonderful young women. The Demon enthroned himself in her Vagina and proceeded to bite off the penis of all who dared to enter. After 2 very disappointing wedding nights where as her beaus had their penises bitten off the frustrated women went to a Blacksmith for help.

The understanding Blacksmith carved a steel penis for her. The Demon bit down, broke his teeth & she was rid of him. She then had a harmonious marriage with many children.

Since then the Penis is enshrined & venerated as part of the Kanayama Jinja Shrine and people regularly pilgrimage for its powers.

The Festival highlight is the parade procession of Penis Mikoshis. A Mikoshi is a portable wooden shrine carried on poles upon the shoulders of worshipers dressed in traditional festival clothe and chanting. In the Mikoshi is the sacred object. Here it's penises.

The 3 most popular Mikoshis are:

"Fune", A big black Steel Phallus, for some reason riding in a ship like the ones used by Admiral Perry.

"Big Kanamaru", The famous wooden phallus. Be sure to rub it for good luck.

"Elizabeth" is the most popular. A bright Pink Penis carried by Transgender performers to promote awareness for the LGBTQ+ community.

At the Kanamara Penis Festival you may partake in Carving a Daikon radish into a large penis, Wear a phallus hat & Eat some penis shaped foods. For the truly adventurous one stall offered some sort of sweet, milky drink (Amazake) & snack that when combined created the texture & taste of semen. Maybe nor for everyone. Be sure to take home a souvenir. Toys, candies, candles, etc...You name it. Yes. All shaped as the Phallus.

The Shrine is called Kanayama but the festival is called Kanamara.

This is because "Kanamara" in ancient Buddhism meant something along the lines of ones bad desires. So in humorous irony Japanese slangly altered "Kanamara's" meaning to be "Penis".

c JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization)

Appreciation & Credit for the Tori gate & Koi pond Video clips.

Video Music compliment of YouTube Library;

- In the Temple by Aaron Kenny

- Dawn of Man by Quincas Moreira

- Bluesed and Abused by Quincas Moreira

- Mizuki by Bad Snacks

Special thanks to Chuck Berry for "My Ding-a-Ling"

Japan's Penis Festival, Kanamara Matsuri Video.


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