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Vending Machines Japan Video

Vending Machines in Japan Video. Japan has Fabulous vending machines: Canned coffee Hot or cold. Clam soup. Strange drinks. The Why, The History & The fun facts. Anytime, anywhere you Travel Japan vending machines are available.

5 million vending machines (vendies) in Japan. 1 for every 25 people. in The entire USA there're 6 million Vendies, 1 per 60.

Travel Japan & You will ask, WHY so many ? :

- Dense population, busy & on the move.

- So convenient, getting product to consumer.

- Low labor cost.

- However the main reason for so many is simply that the people don't kick, rob or destroy the machines.

Interesting facts on Japan vending machines:

- Interactive user experience. Many have digital displays with Ads & Product Info. Ingredients, calories etc.

- Vendie owners are immediately notified of Inventory needs & demographics of the consumers. Who buys what where.

- Advanced Energy saving technology for heating & refrigeration.

-If a Vendie is tampered with, security is electronically notified.

-Beer & Ciggie Vendies require ID cards with chip readers.

- My favorite feature is that in times of emergency such as an earthquake many of Japan's vending machines become free so that the populous may get needed products. You Gotta Love Japan.

Brief History of vending machines:

- First Vendies appeared 2,000 years ago in Egypt selling Holy Water. Drop a coin on a lever and it would dispense an amount correlated to the coins weight.

- Vendies became popular in 1888 in Britain & Germany selling Tobacco, Postcards & Newspapers.

- First coffee Vendie appeared 1947, in the USA.

- The now ubiquitous Japanese vending machines were invented in 1973 by Japan's Pokka company. Canned coffee Hot in winter to warm your hands, Cold in Summer to cool your head & refresh.

Vending Machines in Japan Video.


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