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Japan's Xtremely cool JR Trains

Getting around Japan on the JR trains (Japan Railways) are another wonderful thing about Japan. The famous Bullet Trains (Shinkansen), among many other styles. JR trains are by far the best way to see & travel the country.

Efficient, safe, sleek, fun, beautiful, cool & fast. Real fast. Also they're surprisingly affordable.

Their advanced technology & design are foremost in the world and leaps ahead of Amtrak. In addition to the Bullet Trains JR also has Luxury trains, Scenic viewing trains & Nostalgia trains.

It's difficult to express the sheer beauty & magnificence of Japans landscape & world outside of the urban areas. Riding through in the quiet comfort of these wondrous trains feels so richly harmonized. Traverse mountains, bridge rivers, pass farm lands, villages, well maintained nature.

6 individual JR companies Unite the country to make up the Japan Railways Group. Don't let that confuse you. Your tickets & travel goes throughout as one system. As a foreigner you get special discount tickets Including unlimited use passes.

Prepare for you experience, View this beautiful Japan Video:

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