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Kimi Ryokan, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Kimi Ryokan is an authentic Japanese Inn catering to foreigners In Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A truly wonderful place with tatami mat rooms & futons for beds, yet free Wifi. I've stayed here a lot over the years & will happily continue to while prepping for Tokyo 2020.

Excellent convenience to many subway lines & JR trains, surprisingly affordable & Ikebukuro is a rocking place.

Visit their web site for booking details etc..

The Kimi Ryokan is traditionally & harmoniously designed. Shoes are left at the door and guests often walk about in just the provided Japanese robes & slippers sipping green tea. Yet out the door your in vibrant Tokyo.

Amenities include:

- Tea room community space with kitchenette, fridge, cooking, tea, beer machine etc.... The kind of place where travelers share ideas & make new life friends.

- Shared, private bathrooms & showers. One nice traditional deep tub bath.

Japanese toilets that shoot water up your bum and then blow dry it.

-Computer room, laundry, rooftop terrace, free wifi, AC, heat.

Especially good for those needing housing for a month or so. Lots of Tokyo 2020 preperation jobs & business are starting up already. The Kimi Ryokan is an ideal, affordable, happy, well situated place.


Many real Japan things to do in the Ikebukuro area. It's a high energy city onto itself with much happening; tour, shop, food, drink, theatre, university, aquarium, etc....My favorite is the survive an earth quake or fire course, complete with simulation sets for you to get thru. This is at the local fire house & listed on tourist maps. Great educational fun.

The train station alone is an immense world with shopping, food, drink, etc.. very cool Japan. Some Tokyo 2020 activities will be held in Ikebukuro.

Kimi Ryokan Ikebukuro Tokyo


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