Koyasan Temple Stay "Shukubo"

Video of our Journey to Koyasan for a Temple stay, "Shukubo" experience. Japan

We can't find the words to describe how Incredibly Magnificent a Koyasan adventure is, Thus this video will Stand on its own.

Below we Name & Link the Extraordinary Shukubos we stayed, Excellent Restaurants, Places visited, etc....that you see in this video. We highly recommend all of them.

For details regarding: Visiting Koyasan, Shukubo stay, Getting there, History, General Info and such, Please visit the Official Koyasan website linked below.

I do want to stress the following:

* All are welcome to visit. Regardless of Religion, Nationality, Language skills & so forth.

*When you ask, " Where should I go next in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto? "

I will say, " Go to Koyasan & On your next visit just go to Tokyo & Koyasan."

* We discovered that the Spiritual, Traditional, Harmonious Buddhist Japan really does exist & can be fully enjoyed.

Yes. This Japan does exist & it's in Koyasan, The Spiritual Heart of Japan.

Koyasan Official Visitors Website:


Historic Locations in Video:

Kongobu-ji = Head Temple

Danjo Garan = Sacred Temple Complex

Okuno-in = Holy Cemetery

Daimon Gate = Gateway to Spiritual Koyasan

Shukubos we stayed:

RengeJoin Shukubo


Ekoin Shukubo


Nankai Railway

Gokurakubashi station


Restaurants, Cafe, Bar:

TAIRA Cafe Bar

Owned by Monk Nobuhiro Tamura


Nobu is also a Tour Guides & Operates " Awesome Tours "


Cafe Shizuku

Vegetarian curry & much more, Including digital Museum experience.


Kadohama Gomatofu


Ichinohashi Tempu


Music courtesy of YouTube Library:

"Don't Hate Me" by Jingle Punks

"In the Temple Garden"by Aaron Kenny

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