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Love Hotels Japan Video

Love Hotels in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan. Video of our visits. Japan's love hotels are a part of the Japanese societal fabric. This video will show you the Ins & Outs of Love Hotels in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Themes, prices, amenities & our own Shibuya, Tokyo Love Hotel visit.

Firstly let us mention how clean & well maintained Japanese Love Hotel rooms are. With the exception of lingering Tobacco smell we have no complaints. The Shibuya Love Hotel rooms we visited were well appointed in the so called honeymoon suite style. Which means Romantic decor, Big jacuzzi bath tub with lights & mirrors. Wet bar with coffee machine, microwave, mini bar, etc.. State of the art entertainment system with pre set appropriate music & films of your choice. Of course a big comfy bed with lots of pillows.

Japanese Love Hotels Pricing is based on STAY which means spend the night and the more popular REST which is don't rest. A REST gets you the Shibuya Love Hotel room from one to three hours. Rate varies depending upon time of day. Range is approximately As cheap as

Y 2,000 for one hour off peak to Y 5,000 for 2 hours peak.

Overall we found that Japan's Love Hotels are relatively inexpensive for the amenities, locations & flexibility that they offer.

Checking in at a Tokyo Love Hotel is anonymous & hassle free. Choose an available room from the picture board and pay at the window. Deciding on a Shibuya Love Hotel is difficult because there's so much selection. Love Hotels have different themes & styles depending upon your preference or fetish. Standard Shibuya Love Hotels themes are Romantic Polynesian , Arabian nights, Roman baths, Jungle safari, etc.... but you can also get Castle, Dungeon, Prison cell or pirate ship. Within each Love Hotel they have a variety of themes rooms. This is nice since you can simply pick your desired Love Hotel style room from the pictures.

Lots of complimentary Amenities included with the room. Lotions, massage gels, bubble bath stuff, toiletries & snuggly bathrobes. Water bottles, coffee , condoms, etc....were also included. Many also offer food delivery from local restaurants and an accessory gift shop with special clothing & playtime accessories.

Japan's Love Hotels are very accepted part of the societal fabric. Many Japanese live in small, multigenerational homes with thin walls. Love Hotels allow for couples to enjoy some expressively loving intimacy in privacy & comfort. Love hotels allow you to get loud & wild. Also they're comfortable, romantic, fun & inexpensive.

When visiting Japan, Remember "In Rome do as the Romans".

The Wonderful Japanese restaurant we went to at the end of the video is part of a chain. They're renown for:

Authentic Japanese foods served in small portions on individual plates.

Delicious, extensive, varied menu. Order from a Tablet at your table.

Food is delivered by the Shinkansen (Bullet Train).

Very Inexpensive. Plate colors denote their price.

The three big Chains in the Tokyo area are:

My favorite is Hamazushi. Sushiro is the most famous but least enjoyable.

Presented by Daniel Reton & Natali Loving & discover the Unique & Wonderful of Japan. Japan Travel Today.

Music Courtesy of YouTube Library:

- Fiesta de la Vida by Aaron Kenny

- 1812 Overture by US Army Band

- Imperial Forces by Aaron Kenny

Love Hotels in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan. Video of our visits.


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