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Robots in Japan Video

Japan Robots & Japan AI Video. Freaky Real Android Robots in Japan are used for: Companionship, Intimacy, Baristas, Elderly care, Disaster response, Industrial, Customer service, Waiters, Hotel clerks, Space Industry & as a Mass work force. Some day they will turn on us like something out of "West World".

Japan is in the midst of a Robot revolution. Leading the world in the Research, Development & Use of Robotics. Exports are skyrocketing, Japan is producing 50 % of the worlds Robots.

Japan doesn't mass produce cheap products. Japan produces Very cool and or highly advanced Technology such as these incredible robots.

Disaster response is a Major usage for Robotics in Japan. Fighting Fires, Cleaning up industrial messes, Evaluating structures after Earthquakes along with Search & Rescue are all excellent Jobs for a Robot.

Japan has an vast Aging population. Robots are filling the need for Nursing & Companionship. The Polar Bear Robot can lift a person from bed to bath to chair. The fluffy Seal Robot is highly Interactive, adorable to hold & Communicative. Giving elderly Companionship & Mental stimuli.

Of course Japan uses robotics for Space Industry, factories, farming & repetitive work but Japan also has Robot Coffee shop baristas, Waiters & even Robots as Hotel staff for Front desk & Concierge services.

Japan is also fore front in developing Robots for Intimacy companionship. Imagine a highly interactive communication ability in a Beautiful Humanoid/Android body. This Robot will chat nicely with you, Bring you a drink & give you a hug.

Robot Dogs have become very popular. Many are used for security. Robot Dogs have excellent sensors, mobility & growling warnings. While never taking naps or needing to eat. These are great traits in a watch dog. A particularly scary Robotic canine with large red glowing eyes & Huge teeth is being used to high effect by farmers wanting to ward of ferrel Hogs.

Robots in schools Identify & great the children by name. Educate, Play and check their vitals for signs of health issues. These robots are also capable of interacting with children via computers after hours to help with home work or communicate with parents.

Japan Robots & Japan AI Video.

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