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Best Budget Accommodations

Tokyo Best Budget Accommodations Video Blog, Sakura House Company. Our first choice in Tokyo Accommodations is the Sakura House Company. The best deal in Tokyo for foreigners needing Short, Mid or Long term Hotel or Housing. We made this Video to help others Traveling through Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese style hotel rooms for Traveling couples. Extreme cheap dormitories for Back packers. A room in a share house for a start up English Teacher or a Nice furnished apartment for a one year Business person.

Budget Pricing with great Quality & Ideal locations. Amenities such as; WiFi, Guest lounges, Laundry facilities, Organized events, Info centers, etc... .

- 5 Major Hotels with Dorms, Hostels & Private rooms.

24 hour coffee shops & restaurants with all you can eat breakfast.

- Over 100 Apartments & Share houses.

Completely furnished, Low move in fees, Utilities included, WiFi, various styles & sizes. They've always refunded my deposits.

Sakura House has 2 great Web sites for Details & Planning:

Easy to navigate & their helpful Multi languages staff replies to your emails fast. (Hotels, Hostels, Dormitories) (Apartments & Share Houses)

We've stayed in Sakura's Share Houses, Hotels & Short term Apartments.

After years of travelling Japan a person sees & does enough to appreciate a great Solution to Housing needs.

They now have accommodations in Kyoto also.

May you enjoy Japan as much as we do.

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Sakura House Company Tokyo Best Budget Accommodations Video Blog.


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