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Tokyo Rainbow Pride Video

Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festival & Parade Video Blog. Acceptance & Inclusivity in Japan is A thing of Beauty. Performers, Happiness, Love & friendship. How wonderful to see the Smiles & feel the warmth. This Tokyo Rainbow Pride video presented by Japan Travel Today & Daniel Reton "Phoenix", Offers up the People & Spectacular for you to enjoy.

Japan has come a long ways regarding the Issues of Openness & Acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. Yet the consensus is that there is still far to travel. Areas such as Family, Work, Education, Marriage, Adoption, Housing, etc.... Are still not easy.

However things are Much, Much better as this video of Tokyo Rainbow Pride shows. What was once a hidden community now marches proudly & welcomed through Shibuya Scramble. One of the busiest Places in Tokyo & Japan. Music, Camaraderie & heads held high to the cheers of "Happy Pride".

* A big Shout Out, Kiss, & Hug to the "Tokyo Rainbow Pride" organization for their excellent success in staging the Tokyo Rainbow Pride events.

Visit their Website:

Our Video Stars:

* Daniel Reton "Phoenix", A veteran of many New York City Pride Parades & Festivities.

* Natali Reton, An Australian with a sense of Adventure. Always quick with a Smile, Flirt & Playful demeanor.

* Victoria Athena Reton, a Highly Talented Japan Model & Actor who strives to help & support Issues, People & Causes. Follow her on Instagram:

* Tatianna, Founder of "Tokyo Closet Ball" I dynamic performer & personality on the Tokyo, Japan scene.

Tatianna is a trail Blazer. She visualizes her goal and makes it happen. She has proved multiple times over to be a successful Event Planner, Actor, Comedian, Hospitality Manager and even a Baby sitter & Dog walker for her friends.

Visit her site for Info:

Music Courtesy of YouTube Library:

* "Don't Hate Me" by Jingle Punks

* "Beach Disco" by Dougie Wood

Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festival & Parade Video Blog.

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