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Yoyogi Park Tokyo Video,

Yoyogi Park in Tokyo is Excellent: Performers, Sports & Fitness, Parties, Serene quiet areas, Community Garden, Nature Preserves, Dog run, Event Plaza, Cherry Blossoms. This video brings it to life.

Incredible Yoyogi Park is in the heart of Tokyo. Enjoy :

A rest from the big city. Play time with your friends. A health walk or run. Take in the fabulous performances. Very easy to meet the great local people. Just say hello & a friendship has begun.

Yoyogi Park is Located near the very happening area of Harajuku & Omotesando. Go to Harajuku JR station which is between Shibuya & Shinjuku in Tokyo.

Harajuku is a the popular neighborhood renown for fun & fashion etc...

Also bordering Yoyogi Park is the magnificent Meiji Shrine & the Vintage 1964 Tokyo Olympics Yoyogi Stadium. This stadium will ride again for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Across from Yoyogi Park is the Yoyogi Event Plaza which hosts International festivals, Flea markets, Parades, Performances, etc...

This Yoyogi Park video Highlights some of the more popular aspects of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Enjoy.

Misc. Notes:

- Yoyogi Park is open all night. So Party & Chill all Night if you desire.

- Free Wifi in certain areas. Mostly near snack shops.

- Bringing your own food & Alcoholic drinks to the park is allowed & expected. Snack shops items are limited & pricey.

- Organized sports are frowned upon, However throwing a frisbee and such is A-Okay. Bicycle rental is available & inexpensive. Beautiful biking & running trails.

Video Music Courtesy of YouTube Library:

- Hickory Hollow by Dan Lebowitz

- Bluesed and Abused by Quinoas Moreira

- Lonesome Avenue by The 126 era


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