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Eating Out In Japan

 Best Video on Eating out while visiting Japan. Complete guide on Japanese foods & restaurants. Inexpensive, Nutritious, Delicious & Authentic. 


See Japan's most Popular Restaurant chains & Foods. Noodles, Tempura, Sushi, Convenience stores, Street stalls, Super markets etc., 

This Video will give you the guidance you need to further enjoy the Japan experience.


                 Onigiri                                 Sushi                                 Bento Box


        Yoshinoya                     Sukiya                       Matsuya


         Ramen Shop                    Karage  Chicken            Japanese Breakfast


     Vending machines                Great Take Out            Japanese Burger Chain


Music courtesy of You Tube Library:

" Saving the World "             Aaron Kenny

" Roundup on the Prairie "   Aaron Kennedy

" Bluesed and Abused "       Quincas Moreira

" Operatic 3 "                       Vibe Me

" Island Coconuts "              Aaron Kennedy

" Lonesome Avenue "          The 126 res 



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