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Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass Best Info Video Blog, Unlimited, Deeply Discounted Japan Train Pass exclusively for Foreign Tourist. An excellent way to Travel the Magnificent country of Japan. Enjoy this Information Video on the JR Pass while joining us on our 2 weak Journey maximizing it.

You can purchase the JR Pass for different time lengths. Example, 3 day, 5 day, 2 week. We got the 2 week. The Discount is so good as to pay for itself with just a few trips.

Since the Japan Rail Pass program is constantly improving please click through the official Link for recent Updates, Details & to make your purchase. It is sometimes important that you purchase your JR Pass before coming to Japan.

Japan Rail Unlimited Train Pass is not just for the Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) it can be used for most all JR trains in Japan Including many Local & city trains. Examples of this are the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda airport & The iconic Yamanote train that encircles Tokyo Japan.

Japan Rail (JR) has signs in English throughout the system & plenty of Tourism & Information centers. Thus helpful guidance is readily available. English is often spoken. Free Wifi is often available. Downloading the Google translate app on your phone is also a good idea.

Ryokans are Traditional Japanese style Inns with Tatami floors & comfy Futons. We highly recommend that you stay at these wondrous, delightful Inns & forgo standard hotels to complete your Authentic Japan experience. Most include an excellent local Dining experience & an Onsen.

Ryokans are famed for serving meals commiserate with their Location & the season. This detailed cuisine is an important source of pride. Delicious & Healthy are the norm everywhere. Different parts of the Japan are renown for certain specialties.

Examples are:

Hokaido for their Dairy & Seafood, Niigata claims the best Rice & flavorful Sake, Kyoto has Ocha (Tea) & Sweets, Kobe is for Beef, Tochigi for Pork, Hiroshima Okonomiyaki, Nagano brags about their noodles, etc.......

Onsen or Hot Springs are truly a beloved experience by the Japanese & something you should partake in often or even daily on your Japan Journey. Not just a complete body Pleasing, Warming & Relaxing experience but Onsen are also accredited for having medicinal & health properties.

Please follow the Onsen (Hot Springs) Etiquette rules. This is one of the few cultural violations that Japanese will not forgive of foreigners. For example wash well first & do not enter Hot bath covered in soap suds.

Japan is a Very safe, Polite, Clean & Functional country where Traditional & Modern meld Harmoniously. Be respectful & Follow the Golden Rule.

You can get by in Japan without speaking a lick of Japanese. We certainly do not speak it. The Japanese people are extremely kind & Helpful. Making friends is as easy as saying Hello & most Japanese can speak a bit of English when coaxed.

The Japanese always seem very game to Eat, Drink, Laugh & Sing Karaoke. Seriously, Just say hello & you'll make local friends.

Be sure to also view our "Free Volunteer Tour Guides" Video/blog & avail yourself of this country wide program. It really is absolutely Free. They will even pay for their own meals, tickets, etc.... Volunteers just want to practice their English, be good hosts of Japan & make foreign friends for when they travel abroad.

Special Thanks to:

* JNTO (Japan National Tourism organization) for providing us with some video clips.

* Japan Rail East Co. for allowing us to film on their facilities.

* Design Festa for allowing us to film at their event.

* YouTube Audio Library for the Music tracks.

"In the Temple Garden" "Saving the World" & "Imperial Forces" All by Aaron Kenny

Japan Rail Pass Best Info Video Blog


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