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Design Festa Gallery Harajuku

Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku Tokyo Art Village Video. A must visit for authentic new Japanese art. In Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. Design Festa Gallery A haven for Artistry & Abounding in creative passions. Design Festa is immersed with Beautiful & Creative forms of Art: Murals, Photography, Anime, Paintings, Fashion, Jewelry, film, etc...

The 21 rooms are rented & hosted by the Artists eager to share their Unique creations & displays of self expression while making new friends.

Design Festa Gallery is a true Tokyo treasure. Not a tourist spot but an Authentic Japanese Contemporary Art experience. The International community is absolutely welcome to come, Appreciate & Indulge in the Artistry. We Love the place & go often.

No entrance fee. Free to enter & wander around. The Art is Very affordable.

DF Cafe & Bar. In the middle of the Design Festa Gallery Art Village is a very cool, inexpensive Indoor & outdoor Garden Coffee shop with food, drinks etc..

Excellent place to chillax & unwind. Wifi available.

Sakura Tei Okonomiyaki Restaurant. Also amidst the Design Festa Gallery is a terrific cook your own Japanese Okonomiyaki Restaurant. Sakura Tei. Authentic, Affordable, Delicious Japanese meal. The atmosphere is beyond incredible. You're surrounded in Art & very happy, friendly people. Menus are available in English.

The Design Festa Gallery, Is Located in the popular Harajuku area of Tokyo, Japan. A short walk from Harajuku or Omotesando stations.


Twice a year Design Festa organizes Japans largest art exhibition at the famous" Tokyo Big Sight". This Is an extraordinary event that showcases the Most Original & Creative Artist, CosPlayers & Performers. You should plan on attending.

The next one is called Vol 56 and will be on November 19 & 20 of 2022.

Music Courtesy of YouTube Library

"Call The Shots" Slynk "Don't Hate Me" Jingle Punks

"Just Breathing" NEFFEX.

Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku Tokyo Art Village Video.


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