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Art Aquarium Tokyo Video

Art Aquarium In Tokyo, Japan Video. Spectacular New Art Aquarium Museum in Tokyo, Japan. We were Enthralled & Rapt with wonder as we experienced it. This video will give you a sense of its magnificence.

Located near the historic Tokyo Neighborhood of Nihonbashi. Back when Tokyo was known as Edo, Nihonbashi was considered the center of Tokyo (Edo) crossroads. All roads led from here. of Nihonbashi.

After visiting the Art Aquarium Museum be sure to cross the famous Nihonbashi bridge & spend some time at the fabulous nearby Imperial Palace East Gardens. The Gardens are Majestic & free to enter.

Art Aquarium Museum web site & details:

Ticket prices are Y 2,600 for Adults, Y 600 Children.

The Artist Hidetomo Kimura has been making Art Aquarium displays for 15 years. This is his first permanent exhibit. He grew up in the Beauty fish business which is a very Classic & Traditional Japanese Art form.

Very Popular in Japan is of course the breading & displaying of pond Koi (Carp).

Presented by Daniel & Natali Reton of Japan travel today. Discovering the Unique & Wonderful of Japan.

Art Aquarium In Tokyo, Japan Video.


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