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Capsule Hotels

Japan is the Originator of another Unique concept, "Capsule Hotels". In addition "Love Hotels" are also very popular in Japan. We visited one of each and made this Fun & educational video so that you may view & better prepare for your Japan Visit.

The Capsule Hotel we chose is, "The Millennials Capsule Hotel" In Shibuya Tokyo. This is not your ordinary Capsule Hotel. This is actually a very nice upscale one with amenities & excellent location.

Visit their web site for details: https://the-millennials-shibuya

For a Love Hotel sample we went to the Dogenzaka area of Shibuya and found lots of Love Hotels to choose from. They have a variety of Special rooms, Rates & Lengths of stay to suit your needs & desires.

We understand that one reason Love Hotels are so popular in Japan is due to a lack of privacy in many homes. Japan is a crowded city with many intergenerational family housing arrangements. Or maybe it's just an efficient way for busy people to go about their business.

We found our 90 minute Love Hotel stay to be very enjoyable. The Space ship themed room we chose was very clean, romantic & well appointed with a big hot tub for two. The day time rate was very reasonable at Yen 2,800. Prices go up & down with demand.

Millennials Capsule Hotel Shibuya Tokyo


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