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Yomiuri Land Tokyo Video

Yomiuri Land in Tokyo, Japan Amusement Park Video. Yomiuri land is a Spectacular Family Adventure in Tokyo, Japan. Exhilarating thrill rides that will jump start your adrenaline levels, Timid friendly rides for others & a most excellent interactive aspect to many of the 43 attractions. Yomiuri Land is also No hassle & easy to get to, Not packed with people, Manageable size & Very Affordable. 30 minutes from Shinjuku station the price for a day ticket is about Y 5,000. Which includes a lot.

The Yomiuri Land " Jewellumination " display is Magnificent. A Lumination show unprecedented in scale & Beauty. Yomiuri Land park is completely decorated in sparkling Jewel colored lights. The theme is "The Resonance of Gold and Birthstones".

12 birthstones symbolizing different areas of the park Diamond, Ruby, Opal etc... There's also an extremely impressive Fountain Show. Riding the giant Ferris wheel we had a panoramic view of the Tokyo Night lights on one side & Yomiuri Land "Jewellumination" on the other.

This alone was worth the ticket. A magical night we could only experience here.

The Yomiuri Land attractions are beyond Fantastic. We give you a sample in this video. There's the Adventure rides including the famous Bandit roller coaster, Noodle soup ride, Race cars and another half dozen or so for the Thrill seekers. Then there's the milder fun rides such as the Kiddy coaster, Jurassic park, Ferris wheel etc. .. We particularly enjoyed the interactive rides such as Animal Rescue where you ride through the exhibit and shoot bad things & the Laser Park where you navigate through the laser traps & reach the Temple of the Sun.

A wonderful area is called " Goodjoba !!" which is remarkably hands on & creativity inducing. 4 Factory Zones: Car, Fashion, Food & BUNGU (Stationary).

Among many other things you can Design, Assemble & then drive your new car on a track while wearing Virtual Reality gear.

In the Soup factory create your own packaged soup which you can take home. Then ride the wildest soup/water ride we've ever known. Your spun through a whirlpool like soup bowl.

Children including teenagers will enjoy completing the obstacle course which necessitates beating Jump dance machines, Virtual Reality races and some 5 other competitions to get through.

Yomiuri Land is English language friendly starting with their English version website.

Music Compliments of YouTube Library: "River Blues" by Track Tribe, Sprightly Pursuit" by Cooper Connell, "AdventureTheme" by Sir Cubworth.

Yomiuri Land in Tokyo, Japan Amusement Park Video.

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